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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Inspiration

A woman suffers from pain to be a mother,
A pain that puts her life in danger;
As she pushes the baby out from her womb,
She gives her all while her other foot is in the tomb.

She gives her young one’s milk to nourish,
And feed them with love, she’s not selfish;
A mother cuddles and caresses her child,
Sleepless nights she always abides.

A mother, who never complains, never regrets, never shames,
Her love is pure now and always be the same;
She’s not perfect but certainly a gift,
She never complains her job with no shift.

As you were born she felt happiness,
Not minding the nine months and labour pain she faces;
You are always and forever been her strength,
For sure it can’t be measured in any length.

So love her now and give her your all,
Offer to her your heart and your soul;
Never complain to her- She know what’s best
She’s just protecting you can’t you manifest?

Always trust her keep that in mind,
She’s only one in this world- no other mother you can find;
Believe her and bow down to her, bend your knees and salute her,
She’s the queen in your castle, an Empress in your empire, a candle in the dark-
No diamond, no gold, no riches can ever replace – My Mother.


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