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5 Best Things of Having Friends

We all know that friends are the spices of our lives as humans. Without friends, many believed that life is somewhat boring. And I know you have friends now and you are happy with them, even sometimes you felt certain bad feelings or emotions towards them. But why you are not leaving them, it is because of these:

1. Friends are best comforters

In the heights of emotional distress, sometimes your loved ones can’t fill the answers you are longing for to wipe away the tears in your eyes, it’s your friends, somehow, that un-noticeably comforted you. It is to them you could share your hidden sentiments that you are trying to conceal.

2. Friends are best advisers

There are times that you feel no one is behind and it’s just your friends you can lean on, and they give you comfort by their pieces of advice and their “words of mouth” which you couldn’t really forget. You take good wisdom from them, and in that simple way, you feel at ease.

3. Friends are good listeners

Friends are great elements of sharing your burdens. Because, even they are very much mischievous or badly behaved, they are faithful to you in terms of emotions, most especially when you have the same story-backgrounds in life. And I believed the sayings “Birds in the same feather, flocks together” in the sense that, I, in my own experienced with the circle of friends whom we have similar stories in which everyone in a circle could relate to each other when one is emotionally unstable. And that’s one reason why friends are good listeners because it’s only them who could understand you because they feel the same way how your heart feels.

In a circle of my friends, I observed they are very sensitive in terms of emotions when one is unhappy I really feel the sympathy of the group. I believe it’s an art of having wonderful true friends.

4. Friends are great supporters and best source of inspirations

They are more than your special loved ones – in certain cases. Because of their support in certain matters, you get inspired. Sometimes it’s our friends that we acquire a huge amount of strength which encouraged us to do things to pursue our personal goals. It is because friends are open-minded and they understand how you feel. Hence, we can’t deny the fact that there were certain times that our loved ones (parents) never show support sometimes in whatever things we would like to achieve. But our friends does.

5. Friends are genuine source of joy and happiness

Why?  It is because it is in them you gain trust, comfort, strength and feel the essence of being cared for, because of your shared times and bonding together. Friends can dig the deepest heightened feelings in our hearts that you can’t easily open to just anybody else (to the family circle, religious elders). Friends are the direct refuge and contact in times of difficulties and troubles because sometimes our family misunderstood us. It is to friends you could share a laugh together, shed tears and do naughty things together.

Friends are the special gift for us, that’s why we should treat them as special as a precious glass because when it’s broken it couldn’t be fixed.

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