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5 Painful Truths About Life You Should Know

You only live once. #YOLO. The cliché hashtag surging wherever you turn your head around. This, when you try to elucidate the definition of “life” in a more minimalistic-millennial term.

Yolo transforms a lot of negatively-minded individuals to a semi-psychopath nature. Some conquered their individual fears. Many tried once-in-a-lifetime sky-diving, cruising in crocodile rivers and tasted weirdest out-of-the-earth dishes, among others.

A research about “socioemotional selectivity theory” by Laura Carstensen, a psychologist from Stanford University, shows that as people age, they tend to devote more time to activities and relationships that promote positivity and good feeling. They tend to spend less time on things that will cause them feel negatively.

While it is true that yolo is becoming a self-dogma as a person aged, people forget the painful truth about the real sense of having a life. Thus, in this post, I listed five (5) painful truths about life. Hopefully, you will find light on this.

The five painful truths

1. Life is short.

The average human life is relatively short. A recent study of the World Health Organization (WHO) depicted on their website, the average life expectancy of a man is 70 years, at most. This data, however, vary from country to country as of 2015 survey.

No wonder why as a person becomes an adult, he focuses on relative things that would help him enjoy the fullness of life – being happy.

2. Everything changes every second.

The world runs in a continuous manner. We can’t deny that fact. Once the clock ticked, you can’t turn it back again. Which is why it is extremely important to spend each and every second of the day wisely.

3. Failure always occurs before success.

Setting goals is a top priority for almost average adult. But some people failed to perform their set goals as they don’t have much knowledge about performing it exactly the way it should be.

Cecil Alec Mace, a British Philosopher and Industrial Psychologist, performed the first empirical studies about goal-setting and she found out that 50% of people who have written goals are more likely to achieve success than those who don’t have.

But this doesn’t mean that as you set your goal, success comes right away. You have to work on your dreams and be prepared of the trials, challenges, obstacles that come along the way.

4. What you own is not who you are.

This is a short verse posted by an Instagrammer, @thisspiritualife. While it is more of a spiritual reflection of how life must go on along the way, this is a reminder that will keep our spirit alive in all areas of life. We have to believe – in our own way – that our existence is just borrowed and that one day we will have to return it whether we like it or not.

5. Being busy does not mean being productive.

Not all the time busy people are productive – in a practical sense. You have to understand that productivity comes with profound justification within yourself.

It’s not about digging gold coins but it’s about transforming simple vision to complex reality. You have to bear in mind that when you do things, make sure it has a purpose.

Do you have more to add on the list? Let me know by dropping few words in the comment below.

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