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A poem to my parents – The Wits Why I am Happy

I dig myself even in stone,
Day and night, sun and storm.
Longing for sunrise, someone to lean on;
Why must I go on?

I traveled trough lakes
Trough mountains and hills;
Passed by in every stone
Every wind and sand dunes;
Yearning to be with them in full moon.

Nostalgic nights, memoirs of past
Keep reminding me of her precious glass.
Full of tea; of temper, of trust;
Oh dear, don’t be mad because—
Your hair is getting bald.

In my mind, they worry,
Am truly sure they are happy;
For their fruit have been bloomy
Counting days; rejoice, blessy
Keeping them in my heart all day
Is the reason why I am happy!


About this Poem

I wrote this poem as a tribute to my parents. I miss them all day. Living away from your parents is not easy. You need to move all by yourself. No one is there to ring your alarm, to scold you, to cook for you, to hasten your tie. I miss them so much.

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