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A Thousand Treasures

This post is very special. Because I miss my best friend, I will share with you the piece he wrote way back when we were in college. It was lunch time when he handed me a piece of paper. In a paper were few paragraphs of rumbled ideas. He asked me to help him polish it. Then here’s the final piece:

A Thousand Treasures

In walking through the uncertain paths, seeking for the treasures of life, we need to choose the right road to step on. Sometimes choosing is quite undertaking since not all we thought good are all right. Thus all bad lies the beauty of dishonesty.

A thousand miles away before I reached the pick of my journey, I was walking at the edge of the burning desert’s mirage, looking up to the golden bulb above, ignoring all the unresolved agonies and interminably incessant obstacles. Along the runway, I found a mystical tree which I decided to settle down.

I lied down caressing on its hilarious numinous veins refreshing my exhausted soul. While on the midst of that momentum, I was fascinated by the single fruit hanging above the mystical tree, as I hailed up my head above on its dancing branches; the fruit possesses inconceivable image, its enticing colors awakened my lost spirit, so mouthwatering like a dazzling shimmering splendor. My voraciousness and my profound curiosity tempted me to catch that glittering fruit.

As I snatched it, suddenly an old gray-bearded man showed up obversely while the fruit was on my little palms.

“Dispo!”, he shouted. “I have been in the foretold story of my fortune, and I now I am searching for a portion of its broken pieces. Those pieces were my broken miseries. I am heading for the pursuit of happiness. I have been in long years of journey, I live in thirst and starved….” Β he continued.

He was looking at me piteously and said, “I would be glad if you have something to offer!” in a very innocent voice, muffled and fainted.

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Without apprehensions, I gave the fruit to the poor old man, realizing that he was asking for food. I was very hungry that time, but I saw him more hungry than me. My heart was in darkness, drowned by my sympathy to his unfortunate destiny.

As I winked the windows of my soul, the old man suddenly disappeared. I was so frightened. I stood up, leave the tree and continued my journey. I have a long run to go on.

As I walked farther from the tree, I found the same fruit I have seen on the mystical tree. But now on its amazing, more colorful, more alluring and more tempting. The fruits were carefully placed in a huge box like a box of a golden treasure, and I found a note carved on a vintage wood that states:

“If you sacrifice a certain thing, there lies a thousand treasures.”


About this story

This piece “A Thousand Treasures” was transpired by the fruitful imagination of Ajidz Abdurahman, my best friend. An aspiring literature enthusiast from Mindanao, Philippines.

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