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SOCIAL PROJECT: My Life In A Quote – Beautiful Positive Quotes Written by Commoners

Hello, Pretty Souls! The #myLifeInAQuote is a social project I ran on my Facebook page that aims to reconnect and rediscover one’s self towards his/her present life. It’s a simple creative idea that will enable a person’s inner being to reflect on his/her life by making a simple little personal quotations or sayings.

The purpose is to shed light on oneself and others by empowering out the positivity within.

The idea is that I encourage all my Facebook friends to write their own motto that reflects their individual lives. In return, I will make a design for them.

The Result? It’s overwhelming!

I also posted the idea on my Instagram story and people are loving it. I’ve got responses from people of different walks of life, from different countries, and different stories. It’s just so, so overwhelming.

So below are some of the best reflections people have submitted so far. I hope you’ll find it, awesomely helpful in your own interpretations. These quotes are so positive and it helped me a lot personally.

But before you scroll down to be overwhelmed by the quotations, let me share with you first how this project impact on me.

3 Things I learned from #myLifeInAQuote Project

 1. Connecting people is listening to their story – To connect with people is not just about sending them a Facebook friend request or chatting them hi’s-and-hello’s. It is about interacting with them personally.

Interacting personally to people, strangers and close friends alike, is establishing them a personal connection. A connection that would open pathways to develop trust and openness. When trust works, you’d get to know them deeper. You’d get to know their story genuinely. Most importantly, you would understand them the way they are.

2. To connect with self is so important – Dr. Margaret Paul, a Psychologist and Well-Known Writer at Huffington Post, states in her article that “When we are disconnected from ourselves — from who we really are and from our feelings — and when we are not filling ourselves with love through our spiritual connection, we create a black hole within. The black hole we’ve created through our self-abandonment becomes like a vacuum, trying to pull love from others. This neediness tends to push people away, so we end up feeling even more unloved.”

She further emphasized that “when we want responsibility for our own well-being and we open to learning about loving ourselves, we open the door to connecting with an infinite source of love. Learning to bring this love within and share it with others creates deep inner fulfillment.”

3. People love people who want to listen to their story – Narcissism is a cliche. But people absolutely love those people who love talking about them. The rise of neuroscience studies will help us understand about this.

Diana Tamir, an author of the study “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,” says that “Self-disclosure is a behavior that we do all of the time, day in and day out: When you talk to people, they’ll often talk about themselves.”

“On Twitter and Facebook, people are primarily posting about what they’re thinking and feeling at the moment. This is one piece of evidence about why we may do that.” Tamir explained.

In the study, Tamir and a colleague conducted several experiments on subjects whose brains were scanned as they were told to do various things.

Side note: If you are one of those who participated in this project (#myLifeInAQuote) might as well add your own realizations about how it helped you in a simple pretty little way. I’d love to hear it from you.

And now, here are some of the beautiful QUOTES Submitted…

The following the are quotes submitted by some of my Facebook friends who participated in this social project. I hope you find it lovely

So, those are a few of the submissions on my project #myLifeInAQuote. I hope you enjoy all these beautiful reflections written by these amazing people. If you want to see all the other beautiful positive quotes submitted, please check out the gallery on my Facebook page here.

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