Beautiful Quotes II

Wow! So here’s it. This is the part II of the beautiful quotes submitted by the students of my Kuya Albert. The previous submissions got a bunch of impressions from my readers on Google+ and Facebook and the students love their cute photos tagged along with their “hard-earned” quotations.

In these batch of beautiful quotes, I hope you find them great again as these batch are awesomely fantastic.

So, let’s see how these beautiful quotes capture some hearts!

beautiful quotes jon page reflections 12 a

beautiful quotes jon page reflections 12 a

Read the first batch of the submitted Beautiful Quotes

To the Students, please read…

The beautiful ladies and gents,  I’m a proud Kuya here. For those who are so makuleeet chatting with me to revise, to check, to whatever, I’m happy that you gave your time and effort for your project.

I was once on your shoe when I was a struggling student of WMSU before. I feel you guys. It’s not easy to “habol” all your requirements. And then there are some teachers tampa caro noh? I know how it feels. That’s why I always give time to check my Facebook seh tienne tan submit for their requirements. Pobre man tambien. Nakz!

Anyway, thank you so much maga bonita y bonito estudyante de Kuya Albert. Man chat lang komigo seh nuay dale flat 1 si Sir, bombia io konele. Haha. Ok? By the way, I’ll compile all those quotes which are not listed here. Stay tuned here y na mio fb page. Ok?

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