A Poem for My Soon Wife

(Poem for wife) For my future wife I know you aim to be the best The “every-day-I-love-you” is not applicable to me Live with ikhlas in your heart Recite it every minute of the day That’s how you’ll show care to me Then I do what will make you happy Remember that you’re the half […]



(Love poetry) Love can be very frustrating if you let your desire rule over your emotions Love can be very amazing if you let your smile make a heart over your anger Love is love when you let goodvibes fuck the whole thing **** About this Poem I was reading a brochure I found in […]

POETRY: A Lonesome Valentines

Shall I call you for a dance ‘Till the night will be morning Since the day you left I still long Your hugs and kisses Your sweet smile, tender heart But I know those were the days when you were mine, dearly mine Now, again I am vain Vain for longing for the hands that […]

Walang Katapusan

Naaalala ko pa No’ng una tayong nagkita Para kang isang magandang diwata Hinahanap-hanap ka Ng aking mga mata Simula nong tayo’y magkasama Ang buhay ko ay puno ng sigla Para kang Rebisco ‘Ang sarap ng feeling ko!’ Lagi kong dinarasal Sa Poong Maykapal Na sana’y ‘wag na matapos ito Oh sinta ko! ‘Wag mo akong […]