3 Benefits of Poetry Writing

Ever wonder why there are thousands, even millions of people writing poetry? More than just a piece of literary arts, poetry is a way of strengthening your intellectual and emotional skills. The Pongo Teen Writing, an organization of volunteer youths in Seattle, described β€œwriting poetry is a vehicle for expressing altruistic values and philosophical explorations […]

A Surreptitious Favour Contra Redress

Hear your heart with a sweetness of joy and your mind blow with a modest pride. In the big bad world, I learned to be sober, to be thoughtful, solicitous and sympathetic. I learn to wear the wardrobe of being wild, feral and sometimes outrageous for all I know I need those to be me, […]

poem for parents

A poem to my parents – The Wits Why I am Happy

I dig myself even in stone, Day and night, sun and storm. Longing for sunrise, someone to lean on; Why must I go on? I traveled trough lakes Trough mountains and hills; Passed by in every stone Every wind and sand dunes; Yearning to be with them in full moon. Nostalgic nights, memoirs of past […]

My Candid Yearning for 2012

As I will take the uncertain paths of 2012, I hope that… …I will always be healthy; So that I could do things whatever I want to do, … I could pursue my goals that I want to achieve; … I could serve God more than I have served Him before; … I could make […]