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Christmas Eve’s Despair

The night
The night is meaningless
Nothing special to be expressed;
Perfect emotion, imperfect delight
Because you are not with me this Christmas.

The caroling
Melodious carolings, harmonious bells ring
Shadows of Christmas trees, children sings
Cast in gloom;
Alone in the darkroom.
Waiting Santa’s socks roam.

A glass of beer
Is all my refuge this night of Christmas
Drawn in darkness;
drifted in loneliness.
How could anyone serve a spirit of joy?

The smokes of cigar
Playing on the tip of my tongue;
To praise myself and to take away the boredom
With a glass of beer, pains disappear
This is how I cherished and live in despair.

My friends
Are the only I keep myself happy
Emotional but I understand it badly
Why do I always dare self-pity?
Because my life is meaningless and empty
That no one could ever understand me
Except for my special someone who always there for me,
In all ways, by all means, to be.


About this Poem

I know this is a bit corny. Ah, not so corny but very corny. Haha. Anyway, I wrote this on xmas eve. Nag-eemote yon ako, and I was lonely kuno. That’s why I was able to write this. Do you love it? I’m sure you do even it’s not. Haha.

*Photo illustration by Ayanami_No03 | Flickr

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