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The lake of tears brought me in vain.
the tank of thorns brought me in pain.
The barrel of nails brought me in jail.
The world is unfair that brought me in despair.

In HIS hands, I can smell the love
In HIS mind, I can find the light
In HIS eyes, I can see the paradise
With his crib, I can enjoy the colors of life.

We must praise God above–
and believe in the existence of His heart;
Asking for forgiveness is not too hard,
Listening to His words is not enough—
without giving our whole heart.


About this Poem

This poem entitled “Forgiveness” is written by Ajidz Abdurahman – my dearest friend from Zamboanga City. Read the great story written by him entitled “A Thousand Treasures.”

*Photo Illustration: VitalSmarts

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