glow in the dark
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Glow in The Dark…

For all of my life
I am always in the dark;
Chasing the moon above
To let my life light with a spark,
Like fireworks that glow,
Scattering lights that grow;
Glow in the dark.

Tears of moon,
Drops on my soul;
That covers all my wounded soul
As I lay in the night
Yesterday’s scratches playing on my sight;
Lamentable dots
Reminiscing my past,

Glow in the dark—
Glow in the dark.


About this Poem

Living alone is like hell. You can relate this poem if you’ve been living away from your parents. I hope you like this poetry. In my next post, I will be writing more poetry. So, stay tuned baby. Kisses. Muah!

*Photo grabbed from Jon’s Guide

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