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He walks like he has no troubles
His eyes make me fell lost
I hope he never struggles
Wondering how much he’s lost

I die a little every moment
When he talks about his feelings
He says that he’s falling fast
I suffer, because of love he knows the meaning

Unfortunately in a daily basis,
Sometime we barely talk.
Oh but for how long I’ve been hoping
To one day go on the especial walk.

The rain is falling,
And I still don’t know what to do.
The days keep passing,
And I’m still no part of you.

You without a smile,
Is a strange thing to see…
Me without a tear,
Shows the patience that I feel.

I can’t keep talking about it,
With people that I know.
Won’t admit that with some other girls,
I’m always in a front row.

I know I won’t have the chance,
That in my mind everything’s will.
I only pray it doesn’t take a lot of time
For this pain in my heart to heal.

I hope it’s just a crush
That will soon go away.
But I can’t wait,
I’m in a rush to finally say that I’m ok


About this Poetry

This poem was submitted by Nisa Hadjali, of Western Mindanao State University. I hope you like it.

Do you want to be part of JP community? You can submit your poetry to me and I will let my my readers love your art-piece. Read the submission guidelines on how to submit a poetry at Jon Page Reflections.

*Photo via womans.org

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