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LYRICS: I Know A Place


I know a place
Where no one ever goes
There, it’s peace and quiet
Beauty and repose.

It’s hidden in the valley
Beside is a mountain and stream


And lying there beside the stream
I found that I can dream


Only a place, I ever had to live
And all my life, there has beauty to receive.
Now I know that GOD made this world for me.

I can imagine
Myself is in a dream
Climbing the mountains
Down is a small raven
The magic of this place
Always shall stay

(Repeat Coda and Chorus)


About this Lyrics

This piece is a song I remembered from my teacher when I was grade one. I used to sing this beautiful song until now because it reminds me of how beautiful the world when GOD has created the Earth for us. I tried to recount the exact phrases and the title but I can’t exactly remember, so, I modified the version and changed the title to “I Know A Place.” Recounting the memories of my childhood. I hope you enjoy it.

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