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Why Is It Important To Learn The Art Of Waiting?

Why is it important to learn the art of waiting? — Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but it’s more difficult to regret.

These lines I’ve read in a certain post in Tumblr really defined and attracted me thus I realized how important is the “art of waiting.” Waiting in a figurative or literal sense.


Waiting is not just about giving your time to spend on something which keeps you alive at the expense of utmost expectation, but it’s about understanding the real purpose of why you do the “wait” and what are expecting on that moment to happen.

Many people agree that waiting is more difficult. It’s about sacrifices and determinations. If you happen to have no determination on something you really want, you might end up regretting at the end of the day.

Take for example

You apply for a job overseas. You qualified and got hired. Now it’s time to process your requirements – passport, medical, visa etc. We know that it takes long to complete all your transactions before you fly, right?

The waiting comes at the time your papers are submitted for your visa. Depending on the country of your destination, it would take 2-3 months of waiting to complete the process.

Now, you’ll be bored especially if you’re processing your transactions in the city. You have to spend money for your food, lodging, and other daily personal expenses. In this period, you must learn the art of waiting because if not you won’t survive.

So, why it is important to learn the art of waiting?

Because you think of something that would discourage you. Financially, you will think you’ve spent much on your requirements and you have nothing left for food, for house rental, for daily fare. So you might end up backing out and go home. The result? Regret.

These are simple little things that you don’t know it would have a big impact on you. You should be watchful of these “simple things” because you don’t know how it would affect you.

So What You Must Do?

Simply as just prepare yourself to what would be the possibilities. Expect for the best and not for the worst. Educate yourself that you are on that “something” because you really want to achieve “something.”

Again, waiting is more of positive expectations and avoiding negative vibes. Carry on, dream big and make it real. Because there is no mansion built overnight. When you want to achieve something great, do something great!

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