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My Candid Yearning for 2012

As I will take the uncertain paths of 2012,
I hope that…

…I will always be healthy;
So that I could do things whatever I want to do,
… I could pursue my goals that I want to achieve;
… I could serve God more than I have served Him before;
… I could make more friends and get bond with more people;
… I could please more people in the way of my positive outlook;
… I could encourage and inspire more people through my writings;
… I could fix those broken memories of the past
that keep haunting me to sadness;
… I could build more stronger relationship to my love-ones
and to my family;
… I could gain perfect fundamental strength
that will enlighten me more for focusing my goals in life;
… I could be one best example for all youths with troublesome life,
that i will be successful and being nothing is not a hindrance
to succeed.

It is also my unpretentious yearning that…
… I will always be happy;
so that even just for a while I could taste a little bit of real happiness and joy.
… I will always be happy;
so that people who show their love on me could appreciate
it and see how thankful I am with them.
… I will always be happy;
so that people around me would realized that being alone is not a reason for sadness.
… I will always be happy;
so that my parents could see that I am not bothered even without them at their side.

I also candidly yearn that all people around this lawless world would
always be happy and healthy like me, and…

… I also hope that they would have same advocacy to what I have.

I also hope thatΒ they will offer profound love and care for our Mother Earth;
I also hope that every people, every nation, every King…
….should render genuine peace and sincere love to each and every one of us.

I hope that….

…I really hope that….


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