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My Land Is a Song

Here sounds this favorite song of mine
A song of indulgence, notes are aligned
The rhythm of nature makes me feel fine
A sunset that bursts its last ray of shine

Oh, I really love to sing this song
Like a son haven’t seen his dad for so long
But I don’t know which part of this is wrong
Tears are vivid in every beat of a tone

As the lyrics are sang deeply
There shows drops of covered misery
Cries of the poor are heard clearly
Devil’s chuckle kills the bounded democracy

Between the words of every line written
Shadows of martyr heroes are seen
Gathered in a small crushed basin
People scream for God’s loving blessing


About this Poem

This poetry was submitted by Mary Lucel B. Sumatra. An aspiring teacher-to-be from Zamboanga City, Philippines. You too can submit and share your poetry with us. Read here how to submit.

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