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My Sojourn to the Dilapidated Land

A thoughtful and ideal mother never fails to scold her child whenever he committed mistakes. Moreover, a soldier must be keen enough to snap the attention of his sergeant or else he will be kissing the ground pushing-up. To define, you may call it DISCIPLINE.

Could you imagine a place where everyone is wearing delightful faces? A clean and thorough environment? Perfect and romantic atmosphere? Art is everywhere. It seems like great and small atoms are in place. Where you cannot find rags but riches neither shout but kisses nor trash but honesty.

Undeniably, discipline is raging all over the cities and even to the heart of every rural folks.

My soul was threatened with courage and enthusiasm as I noticed each every debris falling from their tragic memories. For despite of those extreme devastation, great destruction, even huge waves flash-out their land, they still stood up, yet in complete wealth.

Traffic? Is no-where you can find there? Even be-e-e-e-p is hear-less. Luxury delineate wealth, leave it on sidewalks and robbers will keep it; find it on ‘lost and found’ box. Ride-on and fasten your seat belt, relax, feel the comfort, enchant yourself with the beautiful wonders of nature outside your window. Wave your hands and exclaim, “Konnichiwa!”. Never be late. Bow.

The dilapidated land, is the land of adorable people where every pulse is bound with dignity and boldness. The land behind-borders of even severest turmoil their gallantry and determination withstand. As Dr. Jose Rizal said, it is the “Land of the Cherry Blossoms” which blooms in April and for many as known much, it is the “Land of the Rising Sun” is where I sojourned – the dilapidated land. The land where hospitality abound. The land of endless discovery. Japan.

About this Piece

The “My Sojourn to the Dilapidated Land” is an Oratorical piece I wrote after my come back from Japan. Here, I share my creative thoughts of how I defined Japan and its wonderful people.


If you want to use this piece, please let me know. Note that no part of this piece shall be reproduced or republished to any written media – online or offline. Doing so is punishable by law, unless you have my permission.

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