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POETRY: Amnesic

I am baffled, perplexed and bemused
While writing this poem, I’m confused
Are you that someone I am supposed to refuse?
No, you are so wonderful and should not be abused
Life is not fair, we know
We should learn a rhythm to follow
Not just like a wave or a rainbow
but like neon colors that glow
Faults and mistakes are like cakes and bananas
Sweet but harmful
Things go wrong, it’s a hiccups or cat’s pajamas
Learn to be creative and be mindful
You made mistakes
All of us made mistakes
Can’t you see?
Then, time for a self-forgiving.

About this Poem

I wrote this poetry as a reminder for myself and for those people who are becoming amnesic and oblivious of themselves. Because there a lot of people nowadays who are becoming unconscious of themselves and have forgotten to give their selves a treat. So, take this ‘poem for you’ as a simple reminder.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful reflection. Do you have something to add, say or suggest? Drop it in the comment box below. Thank you.
*Featured photo:Β Pixabay

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