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Antes, cada iyo mira
Dimiyo corazon ta Celebra
Todo el dia iyo ta pensa
Cuando tu comigo mira

Era, puede tu senti
Mi corazon ta supri
Masquin pirmi iyo taqui
Dol nohay siempre sirbi

Pirmi etu na mi suenio
Pati na mi pensamiento
Bungul ya el mga santo
Na mi maga rezo

Ta admira iyo contigo
Ta admira etu na otro
Duele man este pensa
Necesita accepta

Un dia, ya pensa habla
Kay masquin cosa ay pasa
Necesita gayod abla
Contigo ta admira

Dialo ya cun hinde tu cre
Dialo ya cun etu ay re
Basta uno lang iyo sabe
Contigo lang gayod iyo kierre


About this Poetry

The poem “Admira” is a poetry written in a local tongue which is called “Chabacano”. The official local dialect of Zamboanga City. This poem talks about emotions, the feeling of being much into deep admiration to someone. I hope you like this.


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