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POETRY: For that Little Angel in Aleppo

(Sad Poetry)

She was trying to taste the
sweetness of faith in her heart
Rather than feel the pain
in her worldly senses

She was strong
Her faith was very strong, I know
Did you hear her voice?
She was calm — she was really calm.

How lovely was she
reciting those beautiful verses
Verses of hope, verses of freedom — faith!
It relieved her, yet melted my heart
Our hearts

Oh young little angel,
paradise is in Aleppo. Keep brave!


About the Poem:

Touched by the viral video of a young girl in Aleppo being operated without anesthesia reciting verses of the Qur’an, I wrote this poem, “For that Little Angel in Aleppo” to remind myself about how important our faith than what we feel in this dunyah. The clip was so moving that even the news anchor turned emotional on TV while reporting the story. How strong is the faith of this little angel that she didn’t shed tears!

I’ll be writing more poetry about Aleppo in the next few days. Please follow my Instagram (@jonpagereflections) feed to get more fresh poetry and reflections.

*Photo Illustration: by Kodomut (Flickr)

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