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POETRY: In Ally’s Lair

(Motivational poetry)

Been in solitude for sometime
Keeping hands bold in lime,
Soaked in madness, tears’ wane —
Body and soul – enormous vain.

Of hardships and sorrows, not fair a dare.
Challenges are not malevolent,
though, is it fair?
Life may be fortuitous but
mankind cares hitting the dot.
I neither not writhe nor feel
the pain but catch the fish, not slain.

A day somewhere feel me better,
Those unforeseen turn if ever may come,
stays forever—
Where days and nights,
sunrise is brighter;
No boundaries of clouds and
walls that block the horizon.

I learned the philosophy of life,
to exist is not to exist.
No fear, no burdens –
death and taxes is always.

To face realism,
for others is paroxysm.
But for advocating change,
the must is assent criticism.

Life’s hue would be roughly obscure,
like a shadow of a rainbow in the rain.
It may be vague and sometimes so clear,
varies the time when the weather is fair.

Say good night and listen harmonious lullabies –
the omens of our adored grandparents;
Sing loud and follow the voices,
to replenish the soul that burdened with fouls.


About the Poem

The poem “In Ally’s Lair” depicts my utmost emotion of how I see life behind the philosophy of man. What I am trying to emphasize on the poem is, everyone of us has its own unique stories to tell of how we enjoy life. But sometimes obstacles in life are always the means of how we would strive hard to achieve success.

We can’t avoid challenges, we feel pain, we suffer burdens, tribulations and despair most especially when we are alone in life, and thinking of no one is behind us.

I hope you find wisdom on this poetry. Thank you so much for reading.

*Photo: HDQWalls



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