paradox of life
poetry submitted

POETRY: Paradox of Life

Life is something you can not fake
you live and learn from each mistake
Sunny days or cloudy skies
Happy Greetings or Sad Goodbyes

So don’t sit by and let time pass
but live each day like your last
This is something that you must do
if you expect to grow and stick it through

All the sadness all the pain wash
it away like the rain.
Fast or slow whatever your pace
take your time life is not a race.


About this Poetry

Part of building a writing community, I am featuring poets from different walks of life. This poem is submitted by Fatima Sheramar S. Nuddin. From the College of Nursing, Western Mindanao State University.

You too, can submit a “poetry and reflections” for me. Please visit our submission guidelines to see how.

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