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POETRY: When Love is Despair

I choose to be alone
To forget the yesterdays that we had
Despair and regrets
Are the reasons of my aching heart
Is this what you call real love?
Full of melancholy
Of joy, where you are?
I remembered
The time
When we were still together
Our love was stronger
No pains, but laughter
I felt our heartbeats
Swimming in the ocean of joy
Cheerfulness, tenderness
Of real love
But now, where is it?
Every day, I kneel
Full of hopes, be kindled
That a day would come
You’d tie my heart
The mischievousness of your love
No soul
Is it really my fault to love you?
Is it really my fault to know you?
Is it?

About this Poem:

This poem “When Love is Despair” is the translated version I wrote. The original version of this is the poem “Sa Dihang ang Gugma, Kasakit.” I will be writing more free-verse Bisaya poetry soon, and of course with English translation. I will be happy to read critics on my work, please share some of your thoughts below. Thank you. Happy reading.

To read the Bisaya version of this poetry, please read it here: Sa Dihang ang Gugma Kasakit.

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