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A Surreptitious Favour Contra Redress

Hear your heart with a sweetness of joy and your mind blow with a modest pride.

In the big bad world, I learned to be sober, to be thoughtful, solicitous and sympathetic. I learn to wear the wardrobe of being wild, feral and sometimes outrageous for all I know I need those to be me, to be like those men in the ecosphere with the names.

I was once walking in an aisle garbed with an elegant smile with a fancy and modish – with pride. But in front of the crowd, my vision was vague. My ear could not hear but my tongue was so smooth and swallowed those precious words that supposed you do not deserve to be heard. Of it, some may cherish and some forsake. Then I realized the arrogance is embedded with vain and if truth be told, it is otiose.

Pragmatically, in every morning the sun rises and drops simple rays on my face, I feel the innocence of my being a noble and magnanimous citizen. The spirit of smugness, of gallantry and boldness is in my hands as a tenant of the land where I belong; successor of my forefathers’ endeavor. And the treasure which they left behind is painted and forever will linger in my heart and soul until I never see the world is around playing with me.

I am too ambitious, I admit. I want to catch the treasure of bar gold shining on top of the mountain. But I know it is never easy, even I know the secret pathways to get the gold; the quickest shortcut is to climb up on the cliff and the second is to ride on a cable car. I never chose any of those options for I know when there is bright, there is darkness.

Life is a painting that you need paints to add colors on it. And you cannot come up a very good painting if you do not choose the very good paints. Furthermore, love is an essential substance of molding your passion to achieve the fullness of life.

My modest attempt to define what I mean by more than love, instills me with thousands of noteworthy realization towards foreseeing the grounds of being a man of flora and fauna. I neither not ran a race with the world nor exodus reality but what I candidly yearn for is heart-full serenity. Not either wears a mask or frowns heartlessly but embrace humanity of their own uniqueness and rarity. Because I deemed every race, every mankind, every human deserves unselfish equity.

Definitely, regardless of one’s personal description, what it takes to be a man is to accept man. Distinguishing the absolute meaning of love and sympathy pronounces the essence of the philosophical existentialism of man.

With this, your personal goals and foretelling your future would be a plus of hitting the nail to its head. Pax – Irene – the goddess of Peace, shall reign.

About this Prose

This creative piece depicts my realization of how I understand life towards the modern world. I hope you find it meaningful. You are free to react on this at the post below.

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