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POETRY: Refuge in Nostalgia

(Short poetry)

Cherished moments treasured like a gold,
For you, my dear is perfect and bold.
Flushed in floods, crash of many lads,
Why do I make you sad?

Crying in the dark is nothing to embark,
Since you are my tiny precious god —
Makes me feel like a fruitful pad.
Caressing you like a mischievous cat.

There you are my tiny little lad;
Dense in the dark moaning very mad.
I don’t know if I’ll be sad—
Since you are critically bald.


About this Poem

Actually, I don’t know why I was able to write this poetry. I was alone in my room then I just realized it. So I pinned it down on paper. The imagery isΒ vague, but I hope you get it.

I actually made this poem as an entry in a poetry workshop. The panelists find it very sensual. According to them, it talks about “dirty.” Haha. You judge.

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