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POETRY: Revenge

Wrap with my innocence
In a world full of nuisance
With my heart trap of misery
I live my life with difficulty

Naive, weird, insensitive it may seem
Attention, care, pity I wanna feel
With my feelings numb for compassion
It’s hard to search to bring back the passion

Spare me with your love I beg
Love I longed my heart it yelled
No one seems to care
When love is only for you to share

Now I grow up and learn to stand
Pain, havoc, and insanity I can now understand
My hands will be trained to hold
Hold for justice that everyone will be told

I will be firm and strong
That cry and noise will be my song
When I walk to the roads of thorns
I’ll walk with triumph and break their horns

Evil made my life difficult
Innocent eyes will see their fault
Dim past will be cleared is my vision
Feel them my grief will be my mission


About the Poem

A poem of  revenge. I hope you guys find wisdom in it. Follow my poetry feed in Instagram (@jonpagereflections) for a daily dose of poetry and reflections. I post every 5:00 o’clock in the morning.

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