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POETRY: Unexpected Love

Your smile too bright, blinds the sun
Your eyes tantalizing, send my heart to run
My heart, cold and hard soften by my lady

Days come and go, but feelings remain
Must I succumb to her beauty?
Must I let myself begin such ardent emotion?

For fear of decadence, on cold feet and lost
This persuasive heart against thoughts at despair
The freedom from the prison of eternal solitude

You appeared out of nowhere
I found you and felt relieved
Love found a home to stay

Your very existence occupies the void in me
Manipulating my illusion of sadness and regret
This feeble heart zealous fervor longing for love


About the Poem

The “Unexpected Love” poem was written by Franz Stephen Cortez. A poetic geek from Western Mindanao State University. You too, can submit to us a “creatives”. Please review our Submission Guidelines here. Follow Jon Page Reflections on facebook.

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