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#20FactsAboutMe Instagram Challenge: Accepted – Just For Fun

My writing circle in Instagram is storming this 20-facts-about-me challenge. Tagged by the awesome @marielgrabspennings, today I feel like accepting it. So, I am sharing all the boldness in me here. Please tighten your grip! Lol.

Here’s the 20 Facts About Me

1. No one hates food. So don’t exclude me. I’m a fan of food in all sorts except pork recipes. Throw it! Chocolate is my fav – all kinds of it. Yeah!

2. Colors are life. I love them. My fav is blue. All of them but Turquoise blue (#006666) is “lifer.” It’s heaven for me.

“She would be half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by moonlight to flamenco guitar.” This line by Jane Fitch (White Pleander) distracts me. Actually it has no connection with number 2. Lol.

3. When I was in grade school, I don’t like oral recitations. I hate it so much. Very much that I don’t even stand up even the whole class will drag me up. That was damn funny when I try to recount those days. It’s like I am cursed to stand up when called by my teacher. The reason why I can’t be Top1. Damn! But I do have excellent grades in all subject areas. Oh ha!

4. My mom wants to be a journalist. It’s her bigtime dream. She got married, so goodbye journalism. When I was born, I felt like it was my mission to fulfill mom’s dream. So, I did.

5. I’m a bookworm, a literal worm in books. Because I collect book but not read them unless it’s interesting and my fav author. Haha.

6. I’ve shared a portion of my heart to these lovely ladies on Instagram: @joypainlovewrite, @pia27973, @thesentimentalomnivore, @firdousi.barbar and @marielgrabspennings. They are gorgeous and witty. I love them.

7. Of course I have men in my circle too whom I couldn’t live on Insta without: @my_paper_trails, @haithamalsarraf  and @saddamammo. The works of these guys are terrific. I love you, men!

8. Bigtime poets like Rupi Kaur, Nikita Gill, Tyler Kent White and Christopher Poindexter, are on my whitelist. These guys are celebs. It’s my dream to meet them. Yeah!

9. I love to sleep naked. Oh noh! Should I tell this? But yes, I do. Haha. My friends know I don’t wear undies. Gash! Stop me. This should be censored!

10. I’m weird. I eat icecream with tomato ketchup. It’s yummy.

11. My mom was a widow with three lovely kids until she married my father. Now we are a big family. Though not so happy but I love having instant two big sisters and a brother. I love them so much. All in all we are seven, four are married including our youngest Sis.

12. I love weird stuffs like writing this sentence.

13. I’m an expat. I work in an advertising firm in Kuwait. #ofwlife where graphics design and photography are my bestest of friends. That’s why colors are life. Lol.

14. I’m a blogger because you are reading this post. I hope you bear with me on that. Gimme a high five!

15. I also run a community blog where I pay writers to produce content for it. It’s a niche blog about Zamboanga, my beautiful province. If you’re from ZamPen and interested on contributing to that website. Tell me. I pay a penny. Yes! Visit

16. I have almost ten thousand (10K) followers on Linkedin. No, nothing is really important I just want to say it.

17. I’m obsessed using these hashtags: #success #motivation #quotes #l4l in all my IG posts. I don’t know why.

18. I have a secret. I wish my colleagues would not read this. When I was in college, I was part of an exchange program in Japan. I met a Japanese woman. Before leaving to the airport back home, we kissed about 3 minutes. That was omg!

19. Call me Qassim, that’s my Muslim name.

20. Lastly, thank you for reading this. Now you made it to the 20th. You can now grab some pop-corn and watch your favorite Korean movies. By the way, I’m not a fan of it, but my ex-girlfriend was. Haha. One last thing, I’m writing a book. It’s about #OFW. Watch out for the launching soon. Muah!

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