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5 Practical Ways to Overcome Challenges as a Student

Life of a student is not easy  (been there, done that, duh!). But we see some who are just relaxed and say they are not serious. But that is only what we see; eventually, we never know what they feel and how they strive for themselves as a student.

Being a student is awesomely amazing but brutally uneasy

It’s awesome in the sense that you are eager to do all things prescribed by the field you’re in. You need to finish all projects, assignments, and many other things by heart even somehow we don’t like. Wake up early in the morning as if there is no reason but just to go to school? No, it’s not!

You wake up early even you don’t like without knowing that it’s your heart and it is your eagerness and distinct desire because of your will, because of your perception to finish your study, as simple as that. And I know many students out there never realized that.

It is uneasy because, being a student, a lot of hardships, troubles, tribulations and challenges that would come along the way, which we really need to overcome.

Like for example, if your parents gave you a delayed allowance, or maybe you are not being supported by your parents, or they support but it is not enough. These things are the major concern of being a student. These things often lead students to suffer tragic experienced especially when the exams are coming. No projects, no requirements, can’t pay the tuition, etc.


These are the common problems of a student that are dire need to be addressed. So, how to overcome these challenges?

5 Practical Ways to Overcome Challenges

As a student, you need to get through every stage of challenges that would come. I myself, am one of the dreamers who wanted to achieve and aspire to get to the top of success. But it is very hard to pass through it, that’s why I’ll share you this simple tricks of mine how I overcome those hassles. Keep an eye to these:

1. Motivate yourself with strong confidence.

This line is very important if you are a student who wanted a little change and improvement for your life. Motivating yourself is not hard if I did, why can’t you? Motivation is stimulating your personal interest. If you chose your course now because that’s your interest, or that is what you want. It’s all up to you.

The thing is, try something different that you think would help you further your reach being on that mindset you’ve started. Simplest is, connect with people who are directly in line with your course. Read. Mingle with same-minded people. Then shine!

2. Enhance your field of interest with eagerness.

Since you have motivated yourself to enhance your special skill which is in-line with your goal, develop a sense of eagerness that would make you aggressive to follow your personal standards you’ve just set.

For instance, if you love to write then don’t stop writing. Try joining writing organizations available in your school or in your church or even in other outside groups which are relevant to what you want with. Use the power of social media to connect with people you want to have.

(If you love writing, you can connect to my awesome group of people who are writing enthusiasts, check me out on my Instagram, @jonpagereflections).

3. Look forward, do not stay backward.

What I mean here is, the will of being positive. If you think you are very much challenged because your parents give you delayed allowance, or because your parents didn’t support you, it is not a problem, man! It’s just you who mind that. Be positive. Try different things, you may submit a resume and work for a part time job, or find something interesting alternatives that could help you and at the same time, you could help your parents instead.

I tell you, back in college, no one was supporting me. I did all my best to support myself. I worked at McDonald’s. I sold peanut butters, etc. Then I discovered freelance writing, then virtual assisting to photography. It’s a long story.

My point is that, whatever the circumstances maybe if you are positive and you don’t look at the dark side of your situation, you’ll always have the power to succeed.

4. Stay focused and relaxed, literally.

If you feel so stressed, try to enjoy sometimes. Go with friends. Party. Have a jog. Talk a walk. Drink. But be sure you’re still on track of what you want to. Still be in mind that enjoyments are just spices of a colorful life.

Make yourself easy but aware of the things you’re in. Do not lose your enthusiasm to do things you desire. Because this will lead you to discouragement, that’s why I said ‘look forward and don’t stay backward’ meaning never count the negative but cherish the positive things you have. Get going.

5. Desire for fulfillment and achievement.

This means keeping an eye to your destination. You should track yourself which path are you taking. Having a sense of positivity is the best bet here, as I said. Count your blessings, not your failure. Never recall those failures which you have on the past but you should always think what would be your future.

Try to hit the ‘bull’s eye’ and target for the best option not by hesitation, because, this will just put you trough failures and disappointments. Always do the best at its best.

So, there you have it. Those are the 5 practical ways to overcome challenges as a student. I hope you find this article helpful.

Want to add something on the list? Make it up in the comments below so other striving students out there will also benefit from it.

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