Jon Page Reflections is an e-venue for you if you are seeking for quick inspirations, practical advises, and positive reflections for your day-to-day routine. Here I wrote poetry, positive motivations and all sorts of reflections that would brighten your day.

This is YOUR and MY blog. So, feel free to scan over everything what’s inside on this blog, this is all ours.

This is a compilation of my perceived daily reflections for those who need inspirations or just chilling around, distressing, wandering. My goal is to achieve thousands of worthy reflections for everyone who need it.

These are the things I appreciatively observe every day in my daily routine – with my friends, workmates, buddies, family and all the people around. These reflections would give light to someone who is in the pursuit of success and happiness.

I do believe that sometimes we do not realize some little things are important to us, where we do not know it plays a very significant role in our lives.

I made highlight explanations as to how we apply ourselves to the things we’ve got from our experiences, peers, society, politics, technology, etc. to each and every post I would have on this blog.

This blog aims to INSPIRE, to give ADVISE and to share SELF-HELP anything that concerns for anyone who is in need of it. This will stimulate self-improvement and strengthen self-esteem to enjoy life to the fullest and realize things in an easy little way.

By continuously following and reading my reflections you would probably realize and you would be able to know that some little things are unrecognizable but importantly awesome.


This blog, Jon Page Reflections, is my own personal written compositions and if there are contents you’ve seen here which you think are not mine (photos, etc.), those are with special credits and published with permission from the respective owners. Please DO NOT COPY contents in this blog without permission from the author, JON PAGE.

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