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POETRY: No Days Are Irksome

(A micro-poetry) No days are irksome if you love books of old stories pens of unused inks needles of colorful threads pieces of broken memories, alike. **** About this Poem I wrote this poetry because I wanted you to realize that life is so great that we need to enjoy each and every tick of […]

POETRY: Visually Inspired

In a big bad world I learn to be visually inspired Not because I need it But because my life Runs in an enchantingly Colorful wheel. Make believe and Paint a beautiful Masterpiece! *** About this Poem There are gazillions of lovely ideas dancing in my head while heading my way to the office. In […]

POETRY: Fondness is Me

My mind blisters with the thoughts unspoken Of unheard words and unwritten songs It rumbles like pieces of a heart that has been broken It keeps me mad, It keeps me sad! It isn’t easy to make it through. Yes Dear, I’m insane thinking of you. **** About this Poem: Hello all! I hope you […]