If You Think Cheating is a Sin, You’re Wrong!

β€œWhen people cheat in any arena, they diminish themselves – they threaten their own self-esteem and their relationships with others by undermining the trust they have in their ability to succeed and in their ability to be true.” –Β  Cheryl Hughes. While the statement you just read above is absolutely the truest definition of cheating, […]

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My McDo Story: Over-Half-A-Decade Journey | Post Your Pic Challenge

Here’s my McDo story. My over-half-a-decade journey to transformation! haha… Mascot days to today. Lol.Β πŸ˜€Β πŸ˜€Β πŸ˜€ In seven years, I’ve changed quite a lot. I used 2010, instead of 2012 (as everyone used in their posts), because 2010 for me was the year of “a big leap.” My McDo story Working at McDonald’s as a service […]

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Why You Should Stop Negative Self-Talk Right Now and Why Positive Thinking Really Matters

β€œThere is robust evidence that self-talk strategies facilitate learning and enhance performance,” according to sports psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, who studies the phenomenon of self-talk. Millennials find it difficult to conquer stress from a long day at work, family problems, or love-life. Thus, others resort to various stress spinners – eating, reading, golfing, etc. For some […]

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5 Best Things of Having Friends

We all know that friends are the spices of our lives as humans. Without friends, many believed that life is somewhat boring. And I know you have friends now and you are happy with them, even sometimes you felt certain bad feelings or emotions towards them. But why you are not leaving them, it isΒ becauseΒ of […]