lonely child in aleppo

POETRY: For that Little Angel in Aleppo

(Sad Poetry) She was trying to taste the sweetness of faith in her heart Rather than feel the pain in her worldly senses She was strong Her faith was very strong, I know Did you hear her voice? She was calm — she was really calm. How lovely was she reciting those beautiful verses Verses […]

POETRY FOR SYRIA: “A Sip of Water”

(Poetry for Syria) Great skies glittered the sunshine after the dawn breaks the same as hate and love collide in my unpredictable nightmare a nightmare where none accept love but guns and blood stains where everyone cries for not justice but a sip of fresh water It’s the world, it’s SYRIA. *** About the Poem: […]

sad man poetry by jon page reflections


(Sad poetry) I wanted to write a song, but I can’t be a songwriter. I have no idea about reading notes, only I know how to sing. Yes, I wanted to write a poem, but there’s no language in my soul. I wanted to scream like a lion but it’s so quite around. I wanted […]

bisaya poetry

POETRY: I Feel the Need

(Poetry) I feel the need to burst out this feeling inside me I hate it when people don’t like the way I used to be I feel bad about it I feel the need to make complicated things easy But I am uncertain Uncertain of the possible outcome I know it’s not easy Like when […]

POETRY: Amnesic

(Poetry) I am baffled, perplexed and bemused While writing this poem, I’m confused Are you that someone I am supposed to refuse? No, you are so wonderful and should not be abused Life is not fair, we know We should learn a rhythm to follow Not just like a wave or a rainbow but like […]

POETRY: A Lonesome Valentines

Shall I call you for a dance ‘Till the night will be morning Since the day you left I still long Your hugs and kisses Your sweet smile, tender heart But I know those were the days when you were mine, dearly mine Now, again I am vain Vain for longing for the hands that […]