poetry writing benefits

3 Poetry Writing Benefits that Will Surely Help You Rock

Ever wonder why there are thousands, even millions of people writing poetry? More than just a piece of literary art, poetry is a way of strengthening your intellectual and emotional skills. Read on to discover what poetry writing benefits you. The Pongo Teen Writing, an organization of volunteer youths in Seattle, described “writing poetry is […]

A Surreptitious Favour Contra Redress

Hear your heart with a sweetness of joy and your mind blow with a modest pride. In the big bad world, I learned to be sober, to be thoughtful, solicitous and sympathetic. I learn to wear the wardrobe of being wild, feral and sometimes outrageous for all I know I need those to be me, […]

poem for parents

A poem to my parents – The Wits Why I am Happy

I dig myself even in stone, Day and night, sun and storm. Longing for sunrise, someone to lean on; Why must I go on? I traveled trough lakes Trough mountains and hills; Passed by in every stone Every wind and sand dunes; Yearning to be with them in full moon. Nostalgic nights, memoirs of past […]

My Candid Yearning for 2012

As I will take the uncertain paths of 2012, I hope that… …I will always be healthy; So that I could do things whatever I want to do, … I could pursue my goals that I want to achieve; … I could serve God more than I have served Him before; … I could make […]