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How to Defeat Disappointments and Regrets

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”

Bob Marley said in one of his accounted concerts.

Marley was right when he stressed that statement, he actually emphasized how essential in a man to be positive and use his talent to face challenges – realities in the world. For that idea, losing has no place in a man’s heart if he abides by his own principles, and that is “being positive.”

Finding  the greatness in you

More often than not, you always rely on someone’s capability. You always look at yourself not being better than the other. You look at yourself how great you are and how talented you are compared to others, instead. It is because there is no sense of positivity that is planted in your conscience. You always say, “I am not as good as he is!” or “I have no talent!” or “I am not qualified for it!”

Those statements sound cliché to most of us because we believed we are born to it, and that is how we see the world around us.

Factors that trigger these notions

The factors that might trigger these notions are first, our family background – it implies how we are brought up by our parents and what type of family we came from; — second, our physical environment –  we are influenced by the people around us, our friends, workmates, etc., – and thirdly, our own personal point of view – how we see the world base from our experiences and the knowledge we learned from our personal ideals.

If you have seen the movie “Life of Pi,” it teaches us too many lessons. There are two stories evolves in the movie, and that two stories are a metaphor for life, in that, life happens, good and bad things, we can choose our view of it. We can perceive ourselves as helpless victims of trauma, or victorious survivors of circumstance. And so it goes with GOD. He gives us options to choose our perspectives and thus experience pain and torment, or experience, joy, hope, faith, and love.

Be positive, that’s how you slay it!

So, in order to experience the fullness of life, either to choose which one you prefer, it’s all about ‘winning’ and not ‘losing.’ We lose sometimes because we feel regretful of the things we have not achieved and fulfilled. Also, we lose sometimes because we feel so unsatisfied of the things that did not happen the way expect.

Life is a game, and the key to win this game is to be positive, satisfy yourself, be contented to what you have and do not expect much of what you deserve.

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  1. Life is a battle so be prepare to stumble and fall but always find a way to rise up and continue to fight.

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