Jon Page Reflections is an e-venue for contemporary poetry and practical reflections that aims to motivate, inspire and enlighten the hearts of those who are in doubt, broken and or lost.

Please note that this is a personal “creative” blog and does not guarantee professional and or expert help. By saying “creative” I mean creative writing in (all sorts of) literature which all content from this site is either my personal creative imagination or quoted from other creative writers.

Photo Content Disclaimer

Some photos I used to further illustrate my written poetry and other blogposts including pages of this blog are grabbed from different sources, either public and private domain, in the internet. I referenced them citing the photo source at the end of my every post.

Posts which do not contain photo credit, the photo used are my own personal photographs or illustrations.

If you see your photo used in any of my blog posts and you want to be removed, please let me know by commenting on the post or drop me a message in my Facebook inbox.

Sponsored Content Disclaimer

You will see sponsored links and ads, don’t worry that’s normal. If you buy on those ads, I earn cents of commission from them. Those pennies I collected help me maintain this blog up and running.

Thank you.

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