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My McDo Story: Over-Half-A-Decade Journey | Post Your Pic Challenge

Here’s my McDo story. My over-half-a-decade journey to transformation! haha… Mascot days to today. Lol.   

In seven years, I’ve changed quite a lot. I used 2010, instead of 2012 (as everyone used in their posts), because 2010 for me was the year of “a big leap.”

My McDo story

Working at McDonald’s as a service crew helped me realized all the great things I’ve ever learned today. It was my first ever independent job. Independent because that was the time I left home and decided to settle on my own because I really wanted to enroll in college.

I decided to leave my beautiful parents in the province and find my luck in the city. That decision has completely changed my life — and here I am today still kickin’ butts!   

The struggle was real and I went through it all those years. I danced as a mascot at parties and solved Algebra at school.

That job at McDo made me who I am today. People don’t know that inside those happy mascots are people of different reality nightmares. To me, seeing people happy, children happy, someone happy eases my heart. I don’t see it as a challenge, I see it as an opportunity, instead.

An opportunity to enjoy life at our filthiest and make it a reflection when destiny turns around.

My McDo story is summarized in this photo below.jonathan acabo mcdo story, mcdonalds service crew story

My life affirmations

I envisioned the “me” today seven years ago, hence the photo you see in this post – the dreamer days and the achiever days. Over half a decade of a dream in-the-making.

And today I felt so very blessed because of the people I met along the way in my 7 years journey. Those people who uplifted me when I am at my deepest melancholy and those who cheered me at my victories.You pretty know who you are and you know how I treasure you deep in my heart. Thank you so much.

This is not a graduation speech, but rather a message to anyone or for everyone who is still fighting for their own individual journeys who feel that hope is only a dream. No. It’s not.

To dream is to commit and affirm yourself towards your goals. It’s a plan you have to work on and it’s not a gift of destiny.

My message for you

Whatever you’re into and whatever your situation may be, please bear in mind that life is a continuous process. You have to work your ass out and kick all the bad vibes around. Don’t get discouraged of what people are saying about you. Keep moving. At the end of the day, you are the driver of your own journey. That’s why you have to make sure where you’re heading your wheel.

In my previous posts, I wrote 9 positive quotes and daily habits of the people I look up to when I dream about success. The principles of those people helped me become who I am today. It’s not a million success in business, but what I am talking here is success about surviving the very tragic moments of our lives.

Post your pics too and inspire others about your story.

jonathan acabo mcdo story mcdonalds service screw story

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