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How To Determine Genuine Friendship

“No man is an island.”

This quotation or saying really lift up my spirit to literally believe that in this world, no one is alone as to what that saying implies.

You, for example, have a friend (or have many friends), but I bet one of those friends, if not your best friend, is closest to your heart. And that’s what I mean here of saying “friend.” Now, I asked you, “Should you really believe in them?” I mean your friends?

What is genuine friendship?

Sierra Koester, of Demand Media, wrote about what are the signs of a true and authentic friendship. She says, “True friendships involve two people who support each other no matter what.” And this is really true in the sense that true friends support, trust and accept each other ‘no matter what.’ If one of these traits is not present in the relationship then something is wrong and the meaning of friendship, in the real sense, is literally broken.

If one of these traits is not present in a relationship then something is wrong and the meaning of friendship, in the real sense, is literally broken.

Now, how can you determine a genuine friendship?

An author of ThoughtCatalog, Christopher Hudspeth listed 25 signs to determine if a person is a real friend to you. One of his listings states:

“Much like with family members, you can go extended stretches of weeks or months without talking and hanging-out consistently, yet there’s no doubts about your relationship. Schedules get busy, circumstances arise, but your friendship remains fully intact.”

What Mr. Hudspeth wants to emphasize here is that a real friend understands you whatever circumstances you have.

How I Treat My Friends?

I’ve been living all my life revolving around with friends. Yes, I encountered a lot of happiness from them as friends are my best haven to relieve stress and disgrace that ruin me the whole day, for example. But in the real sense of how I see ‘friends’, is entirely different to what I actually acted for them.

I always treasure friends, almost all of them. But to date, I have nobody, I considered my ‘true friend’ and even best friend. Because it is hard to determine people who are really sincere of giving their trust. This is what I learned from my past relationships (friendship).

Yes, I Trust Friends If…

If I see these characteristics in our relationship: trust, understanding, acceptance, sincerity and NO-FOOLING! That’s it.

You! Are these qualities exist in the relationship with your friend/s? Share it in comments below.

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