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POETRY: Love Never Fails

(Submitted by Eujean Dotusme)

Keeping on the birds eye view
I really don’t know what to do
Even though what I’m going through
You reminded me that you are true

I believe that you can move mountains
So as river continues flowing and you maintain
The birds in the sky will flock their wings
For it serves as a worship to you, oh reign!

My life will forever be grateful
Because of love you don’t let us fall
You suffered, mourned and you crawled
For us to see the beauty of the universe as a whole

I have come to a conclusion
That the greatest love is not by oppression
But it is in you who came with a mission
So that we can see your vision for the nation

Thank you for the saving grace
Until this ages it never changes
You are forever grateful because you endure —
Your love never Fails


About this Poem

This poetry “Love Never Fails” is a beautiful literary composition written by Eujean Dotusme. It reflects his delusions towards his realization about the friction of love.

Eujean Fuertes Dotusme currently studying at Western Mindanao State University taking up Bachelor of Physical Education. A 20-year old pro-active humanitarian youth who actively engages in leadership and politics. Currently, he serves as a mayor of their college. Read more submitted entries here.

*Photo illustration grabbed from Google+.

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