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Mistakes are Basis to Make Things Better the Next Time Around

Too many lessons we learned from too many circumstances that come to our lives, but how do we project it as the basis for another fault/mistake?

Many say, “We learn from our mistakes,”  is this true? Do you believe in this?

If so, you are right. Many people admit they learn lessons out from their committed mistakes, and those mistakes lead them to rectify those wrongs they have done. So for the next time around, it would be their basis to make it better.

However, you should have to think of this: Are you keeping your mistakes to make it your basis to do better the next time around? You should.

Do it Better Now – Not Next Time

Yes, while it is true that you should be learning remarkable lessons out from your mistakes, it doesn’t mean you do all things now in a “mistake” way. If you have time to make it “better” now, why not give your best shot?

In this way, you can get the best in you and realize you are far better than anyone else. Why? Because you’ll recognize yourself as “one shooter” for you made the things in the right way in the very first hand. This is where satisfaction comes into play.

Why Need To Satisfy

Satisfaction, according to The Free Dictionary, refers to a persons “fulfillment or gratification of desire, need or appetite” which all people want this.

People want to fulfill themselves their desires to whatever extent. So, if you’ve done the great things you ever aimed for, you’ll feel satisfied with the result.

Even in business, satisfaction guarantees the progress of your business in relation to your customers being the bloodline of your company. If a company dissatisfies its customers, it really won’t progress – obviously.

In the same manner, as a person dissatisfies himself by not doing his “stuffs” well, he feels damn. Right?

Ok, so…

Would you love to share something which might give other people some “food for thought” about how to manage  yourself on handling your mistakes? Share it in comments below.

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