wedding ring on finger bride photo by jon page jonathan acabo

To Love is Not Dismay

Love discerns empathy which always means purity, To love is not dismay, whoever your heart shouts be. Loving somebody is a venerated entity, that comes to heart in pureness and not dismay. Whatever the crowd would say; Lovers draw more closely. So, how love become dismay? To adore is like baking a cookie when you mold […]

I Love You

  Its not easy to say this, but its hard to hold this. Simply I can’t say the deepest feelings I hid. For you my dear, is greatest weakness to see you smile and drawn in sweetness. I love you for the best, And this is how I caress! *** About the Poem This, I […]

My You

I used to dwell in solitude, Yet domineering life to endure For you came to my life bringing a light that Strengthen my days and brighten my nights. When lonesomeness comes; You were there playing on my realms. Reminiscing every piece of my nostalgic past, Taught me to expunge those grievous vast Treasuring you is my […]