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POETRY: Fondness is Me

My mind blisters
with the thoughts unspoken
Of unheard words and unwritten songs
It rumbles like pieces of a heart that has been broken
It keeps me mad,
It keeps me sad!
It isn’t easy to make it through.
Yes Dear, I’m insane thinking of you.
About this Poem:
Hello all! I hope you guys are doing great. I am sure you are still enjoying to welcome 2017. I hope “all is well.”
This poetry I wrote “Fondness is Me” is all about love and affection. I wish you find it relatable. More poetry in the next few days. You can also follow me on Instagram @jonpagereflections. Also, use the #jonpagereflections if you want to share pieces of reflections you have in mind.
*Photo: Pixabay

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