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POETRY: Literature is Life

(Submitted by Eujean F. Dotusme)

Studying literature
Is like looking at the mirror
Where life of individuals
Are reflected through visuals

Through literature
We learn different culture
Great works of literature
Stimulate thoughts, endure

Literature is lifelong learning
It raises life to a new level of meaning
Enhances thoughts and understanding
Keeping our mind and wisdom long lasting

Literature is intuitive insights
Making ourselves smarter and bright
Such expression, such passion for life
May emerge in written, spoken, graphics or live

Literature is a theater of life
Portrays thoughts, emotions that keep them alive
Or aesthetic forms in relation or in isolation;
or just a product of one’s imagination

Literature is enriching education
Giving us the knowledge and proper orientation
We understand not only the past life of a nation
But also the culture of present generation

Literature is radical richness
Literary standard of being suggestiveness

Providing us good quality and best resources
In terms of written works and expression in verse

Literature is artistry of form and languages
A body of work either written, oral or visual images
Containing imaginative languages
Realistically portray thoughts and human experiences

Literature is truth in the telling
Literary compositions which are interesting
Biography, essays, all forms of creative writing
Stories that make readers understand the ways of human being

Literature is undeniably pleasurable
Authors, writers, and poets are noble people
For they raise their words immeasurable
Like making poems, short stories and parable

Literature is rapturous appreciation
Seen as one of the manifestations
Vehicles of a nation
Races, culture, and tradition

Literature is epiphany in experience
The act of writing bears something from feelings
ideas, actions,  and human experiences
That tells about their world and people’s existence.


About this Poetry

This poetry “Literature is Life” is a beautiful literary composition written by Eujean Dotusme. It reflects his ideals about his admiration towards the world of literature.

Eujean Fuertes Dotusme currently studying at Western Mindanao State University taking up Bachelor of Physical Education. A 20-year old pro-active humanitarian youth who actively engages in leadership and politics. Currently, he serves a mayor of their college.

*Photo via Reading Norway

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